Elastomeric Bridge Bearings


Bridge bearings support structures at a constant elevation, carrying forces from the superstructure into the substructure and allowing necessary superstructure motions to take place. The same principles apply to all types of structure where forces are exerted. Trident advanced solutions help create innovative bearings that anticipate and counteract these forces.

Elastomeric Bridge Bearings resist vertical load and provide horizontal movements and rotations. They cater for vertical load where movement is controlled by shear deflection and rotation is by angular deformation. Steel reinforced plates are vulcanized in alternating rubber layers which are then enclosed by a rubber outer layer, increasing the bearing resistance to ageing caused by external influences, in particular ozone.

Irreversible rotations and translations are due to the effects of concrete shrinkage, settlement, construction, dead and superimposed dead loads or any similar effects and will occur only once.

Reversible rotations and translations are due to the effects of temperature, wind and live loads and will occur repeatedly.

Over decades of manufacturing experience at our state-of-the-art facilities along with superior raw material sourcing ensures our bridge bearings are cost effective, maintenance free and have a long-life expectancy.

Our Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed and manufactured as per the following:

  • IRC: 83 (part II) – 2015 with its latest amendments, meeting the requirements of MoRTH specifications for road and bridge works
  • International Union of Railways Code No. UIC 772 R (use of rubber bearings for railways bridges)

Our bearings have been successfully installed in various bridges across the country including some of the most prestigious national projects like the Metro Rails. These bearings are regularly inspected by national and international consultants and engineers from various government departments like DGS&D, NHAI, Metro Rails, and Indian Railways.


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