Bridge Rehabilitation Works


Bearing is very important structural element of bridge. Its malfunction result into very serious damage to superstructure and substructure. So, damage/malfunctioning bearings needs to be replaced. Hence to cater very important need of bridge we carry out inspection of bearings to identify damage/malfunctioning bearings.

Then we assess the structure for preparing possible lifting arrangement. Nowadays construction period has come down drastically so speedy construction new techniques has to be adopted.


In the course of routine structural inspections, damage to expansion joints and deterioration due to age is often observed, which may require a joint to be replaced. If the bridge structure is otherwise in good condition, it is desirable to minimise the effort required and only replace the expansion joint itself without any impact on the bridge’s structure.

To make this possible Trident has developed a method which enables the substructure of the old joint to be left in place, saving the need to break it out. The new expansion joint is placed on to the old substructure, after the carrying out of any required repair works.

In doing this, the design of the new joint can be optimised to take account of the fact that deck shrinkage and creep, which had to be considered in the design of the original joint, has already taken place. This may allow a joint with a lower movement capacity to be installed, reducing costs.


Design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and inspection services

No impact on the load-bearing structure

No delay to construction while concrete hardens

Quicker joint replacement, less impact on traffic and lower costs

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